whats up u guys??miss u already..;)
will have some not massive ..still a mini update..teehehe..from us..
by end of this week..and some merdeka/clearance sales too
stay tune k ? ITS A DEAL..
Sooo sorry for the longgg hiatus darling..
we are always ere..always at the bazaar.were at bijou yesterday in conjuction with
digi dig it all event.the line up for performing artists were superb!!luckily we got to see/hear them for free.haaaa..

now darling..here's some mini update from us.do check it out aite?
email us :noplainjane101@gmail.com for inquiry or to order.

price is NOT FIXED for items which are NOT ON SALE or NON VALUE BUY.

lots and lots and lottttsssss of love,
Sold Out!

The classical high waisted
*tia also wore an 'toga top' and 'belt' (Sold) from NPJ

tailored made with a very high quality material
2 side pockets/2 functional back pockets
go get it for an edgy look
yours for only

classic vintage

high quality material.ON SALE now!
yours for only
rm42 (was rm55)
bring u something similar..'the polka skirt'

(click pictures to enlarge)

superb hard cotton quality material.
avail in black and white , black and pink.
yours for only
rm45 (was rm49)
the classic jumpsuit
**tia also wore 'shoes from NPJ

(click pictures to enlarge)

the classic jumpsuit with superb material quality.
buttons on top part.harem pants on bottom part.
yours for only

Only *the top* avail.
Last Piece!

sexy me *the skirt *the top

(click on pictures to enlarge)

sexy me consist of 'the skirt' and 'the top'
sexify urself darling..nuff said!
yours for only
the skirt - rm45
the top - rm40

Sold Out!
sequ in me top

(click on pictures to enlarge)

sequin top..out of casualities..wear it for whatever occasion.
walla..and u are ready for anything.
be it clubbing or window shopping
yours for only

the classical layer
the classical layer with its vibrant color and thai-silk like material.
avail in 5 other colors:black,choc,gold,pink (sold out),deep purple

now up for grabs ..yours for only
rm43(was rm55)

shorty with ribbon

(click on pictures to enlarge)

uber cute medium length shorts with uberrrr cute ribbon.smoked back.
available in baby blue and black
yours for only
rm45 (not fixed!)
Sold Out!
the classic velvet
*tia also wore 'the classic high waisted' pants and 'sailor tee'

(click on pictures to enlarge)

the classic velvet jacket.seriously over the top material quality.
yours for only


*value buy*
sailor tee

(click on pictures to enlarge)

stripey..in black and white with the anchor (sailor ) motive
at front..uberrr cute!!
yours for only


Starry starry nite

(click on pictures to enlarge)

our very first version of maxi dress.for those who's sick of the same
ol' thing lets opt for something other than floral motives aite..*wink*.
the quality is superbb..over the top darl..
yours for only
rm60 (a steal darling!)

classical toga

have a look at the 'delicate' ruffles..
avail in 3 colors:pink,blue,grey
yours for only
rm45 (not fixed!)

Catch us ere!

S.O.X. All Stars March & Cheer

Date: Saturday, 15 August 2009

Time: 9 am – 6 pm

Venue: Stadium Badminton Cheras, Kuala Lumpur